Acorn Height is a home from home. People are treated as individuals and we ensure that those in our care are always given a choice, no matter how small. We actively seek the views of people who live at the home as well as their relatives and other health care professionals. This ensures we provide a quality service at all times. We have a comprehensive complaints system and are committed to providing tailored made care for all.

Our Visions and values are:

  • To protect people from harm and exploitation through the way we act on our policies and procedures.
  • To ensure people have the opportunity to exercise control and choice in their daily lives.
  • To provide good care giving by having the right number and mix of experienced, skilled and qualified staff.
  • To ensure that people’s views and thoughts about our service are freely expressed.
  • To maintain personal privacy and dignity by the way we respect and act on people’s wishes.
  • Helping people maintain personal independence through a competent assessment and review of need.

“I love my life at Acorn Height, I’m so well looked after. I have lots of friends and really enjoy being pampered. Wendy paints my nails and Chef bakes me my favourite apple crumble with custard and cheese and onion pies. I’m still able to go on the bus to town and the staff are going to buy me a mobile phone– I think they may have to give me a lesson in how to use it though. I like being in the paper too. When we have things like Halloween I dress up and have fun and the paper comes and takes my picture! I do have my own room at Sun Hill which is painted in my favourite pink, but I get on really well with my friend Annie and we now share a room, I like it better that way, it’s good company. I’ve always like football so when I’m not out and about I watch the TV and always cheer England on. Right now I’m making Easter cards. Really Sun Hill is no different to home, in fact its better because I don’t have to make my own cups of tea!”



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